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Automate trading with TradingView and TVCBOT

Leading automatic quantitative trading robot service provider, 99.9% online time guarantee, automatic trading 24 hours a day, helping you to make stable profits in the trading market

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Automated your tradings

TVCBOT will help you automate TradingView strategies or indicators into fully functional automated trading robots. With our trading software, you can automate trading without barriers.

Rich features

You can automatically trade your indicators/strategies according to your own position settings through TVCBOT

Technical Support

When you encounter problems during use, you can contact us for help through knowledge base / work order / telegram


All your trading account information will be encrypted and stored, and no one can easily obtain your information

TVCBOT helps you achieve efficient automated trading

The TVCBOT robot cluster has a large number of nodes, which can help you to place automated orders more quickly.

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Cloud hosting, no need to track the disk, the whole process is automatic

You no longer need to spend time tracking trading, and you don't need to worry about the installation of trading robots. Use TVCBOT intelligent trading robots to get rid of manual trading troubles, 24/7 hours of uninterrupted cloud operation, and automatically help you do tradings

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Tailored for Investors & Traders

Trading robot software specially tailored for investors and traders, a must-have software for the next generation of traders to do trading

Smart Trading

Can be connected to buy/sell/close signals, intelligently identify trading signals of TradingView strategies, and can set take profit and stop loss/tracing orders for orders

Trading Easily

Automatic trading can be done through simple settings. You can do automatic trading according to your own trading system, or you can use community trading strategies to trade

Rave Reviews

TVCBOT has achieved a good user reputation in the industry with its stable service and simple use method, and will do better in the future

99.9% Onlie

With robot clusters and CDN distributed in many places around the world to ensure trading stability, multiple defense protections help you stabilize tradings

Multi Account Support

You can connect at least 2 exchange accounts for automated trading, and the trading data of each account is calculated separately, which is more convenient

Data Analysis

Analyzed according to different trading accounts and trading pairs to help you understand various statistics of your automated trading

FAQ and Solutions

If you encounter the following common problems during use, you can refer to the following solutions

You can get the discount code on the order page of the robot, and you can get a price discount of up to 50%-80%, that is, a discount of up to 80%

After the alarm docking is completed, you can close the web page or close the computer, and the robot will automatically trade for you

There are generally three reasons for this situation: 1) The account position mode has not been modified. Please check the knowledge base and modify it according to the knowledge base tutorial; 2) The order quantity is too large and the margin is insufficient. Please adjust the order quantity; 3) The wrong trading pair is selected, please reconnect

To stop the robot, please delete the alarm directly; to make the new policy parameters take effect, please delete the alarm, and then add the policy parameters again after setting.

Trade Robot Optional Program

You can choose the free version/professional version/custom version of the robot service, all paid robots only need to be paid once for the subscription time, no commission is charged during the trading process, and we will not deduct any handling fee from your profits.