The difference between the normal version and the professional version of the trading robot

TVCBot has two trading robots, the regular version and the professional version, and their differences are as follows:

function Normal version (download) Pro (subscribe )
Difficulty of getting started difficult simple
How to use Buy your own server deployment No need to buy server deployment, server maintenance fee is included
Automatic trading orders
Automatic closing position
Automatically cancel pending orders
Ordinary stop loss
Move stop profit stop loss ×
Percentage order ×
Indicator signal
Strategic signal ×
pc terminal ×
Mobile terminal ×
Real data statistics ×
account information statistics ×
work order support ×
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Both the normal version and the professional version are trading robots. The difference is that the normal version needs to purchase a server and install and deploy it on the server, while the professional version does not need to purchase a server, install and deploy by itself, and supports more functions. The following is a screenshot demo of the professional version:

Screenshot of the professional version of transaction docking:

Strategy indicator docking


Flexible take profit and stop loss strategy


Account Information



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