About Us
    TVCBOT was initiated by several partners who are passionate about quantitative trading. We have rich experience in the Internet and financial industry, full of ideals and ambitions, and are committed to creating an efficient quantitative trading robot service platform!
Background introduction
    The founders of TVCBOT, Huang JiaHui, Mathilda Rimbaud and Han Hongbin, developed the TVCBOT quantitative trading platform in 2022 out of the anxiety of watching the market and the vision of automated trading, and founded TRADINGVITAMINC LTD in London, England. Today, more and more members of the TVCBOT family begin to deploy automatic trading robots to perform uninterrupted strategic quantitative transactions, minimize transaction risks, and continue to grow in the trading market. the
    TVCBOT is committed to building a stable and reliable quantitative platform to help users stabilize their encryption income and eliminate the tendency of emotional decision-making. It is keen to accept user feedback to promote improvement and development of the platform, and will gradually develop a variety of excellent products. Our goal is to build a more open, more convenient, and more efficient quantitative strategy automated trading platform, providing users with a quantitative paradise for learning, sharing and joint construction, putting your trading strategies into practice, and providing quantitative trading hobbies Providers provide an efficient and stable quantitative strategy automatic trading service platform, and provide efficient automatic trading support for international mainstream trading platforms.
Contact us

    TVCBOT is looking forward to more growth opportunities, and we welcome all forms of investment and cooperation.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Telegram: https://t.me/tvcbot8

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