Common Error Docs(Call Log)

The following common errors are for your troubleshooting reference. As long as you find the following related words in ERROR and Warning in the call log, you can correct them according to the cause of the error.

ID Error Reason

Parameter posSide error

Order's position side does not match user's setting

The account position mode is wrong, please modify the account position mode:  Modify position mode >>
2 Order placement failed due to insufficient balance Insufficient account balance, the billing failed. Check whether the margin is sufficient. The required margin for opening a position = price * quantity / leverage ratio. If you are using the indicator docking method or custom docking mode, you can modify and check whether the order quantity is satisfied. If it is the quick docking mode, please click on Tradingview. Check the number of coins placed in the strategy transaction list (the contract in the Tradingview strategy transaction list represents the number of coins), and adjust the strategy order funds and order quantity so that the order quantity meets the order requirements.
3 Invalid Api-Key ID. The API information is invalid, please re-connect on the transaction connection interface.
4 The minimum notional value of each order must be no less than the threshold of 5 USDT. The nominal amount of the order must be greater than 5USDT, please increase the order quantity.
5 Order amount exceeds current tier limit. The order quantity exceeds the limit, which is generally caused by the leverage factor being too high. The exchange does not allow the leverage factor to be too high to open too many coins. Check your perpetual contract position for the specific open quantity (official website/trade-market/position/swap)
6 Invalid authorization. Exchange API permissions are insufficient, please return to the exchange API to add trading permissions, or regenerate a new API, remember to give trading permissions.
7 The current account mode does not support the API interface The API does not have transaction permission, please re-create the API for connection and give transaction permission
8 Param validation for qty failed on the required tag The order quantity does not meet the requirements of BYBIT. Please increase the order quantity
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